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Saroki is a small Finnish handicraft company that makes sewing patterns for companies and consumers.
We make all patterns and instructions for ompelukaavat.fi. Some of the patterns are made in collaboration with consumers. New patterns can be suggested and are made on a regular basis.

Saroki also organizes craft-related courses. The topics of the courses are e.g. sewing, leather work, making hats, making barefoot shoes, making a product from recycled material, etc. Courses can also be requested. They can be customized to the customer’s wishes. We also make handicrafts to order as well as small products for sale.

Creative mind

TIA, entrepreneur

As a child, I was eager to sew. Guided by my wonderful grandmother and mother, I got to know sewing even before school age. I remember making soft toys for the whole family as a Christmas present for the whole family. Indeed, they have been receiving homemade gifts for decades. Sewing has always been an integral part of life. Over the years, I have already become a pretty good.

After primary school, the direction was clear and the studies of the artisan seamstress were a natural choice. Getting a job in the sewing industry was almost impossible, but luckily in every job I have been able to have in some way with crafts.
In 2018, as my youngest  son left home, I began to consider my own career. As a result , I applied for a study leave for my job (instructor of the Youth Handicraft Workshop) and set out to supplement my skills. First, with the degree of Millinery and the enthusiasm for learning, it was enough that I also completed the degree part in the manufacture of footwear. During the training, I also got to know  how to make digital patterns. It made the joy bubble in me and so the idea of ​​Saroki was born.

The company got its name from my lovely and ah so dear boys: Misa, Miro and Miki.

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